Explain who is VA3HBO and change to VE3KUU William MARQUIS

So like a child he likes the attention ::

Some folks just don't get it or understand and feel this is a game, so I have highlighted some history for clarification.

It is humorous when we hear William MARQUIS VA3HBO who change to VE3KUU William MARQUIS, deceiving others over the repeater VE3TWR with claims and Slanderous accusation.  This is happening in Amateur HAM Radio in Toronto Canada on that abusive Repeater VE3TWR  145.4100  AND  444.400 and with others also making slanderous claims. 


So VA3HBO has changed his call-sign this year to now VE3KUU, Because he is ASHAMED

----  it is a damn sure every call-sign I paid for and own I use with pride, I own it proud.     Not going to ever be ashamed or ever have to change any of my call-signs


To be clear VE3WZW has never ever done any abuse in 35+ years of Amateur HAM Radio,  That is my word and I stand behind my moral and ethical values.  It is sad to hear someone on the repeater jamming and blocking others from keying up as it is being done, the GOD feeling to jam someone and talk over that person I have not done.    It is sad to hear individuals who are afraid to speak up to highlight the individual jamming on the repeater(s)  ...  and it is not and will never be VE3WZW "me"  as a repeater owner myself :-)   


Can we identify the individual(s) that are obsessed with that one call-sign and trying to discredit that person.   A person VE3KUU William MARQUIS has purchased  26 domains with VE3WZW call-signs.   How much money is that ??? how shameful.

Who/Whom do you think is the owner of the website //  VE3WZW.COM used for EXTORTION  --  WHOIS - https://domain-owned-va3hbo.blogspot.com/

Fact::    I have my own repeaters and maybe keys-up on other repeaters once a month.   But we hear the "Fan Boys"  talk daily about that one call-sign.    The obsessed "Fan Boys"

The following I did NOT make up or is lies,  the CBC published 2009.

So VA3HBO and changed his call-sign this year to now VE3KUU, because he is ASHAMED

  • The website list below are NOT affiliated to this author !! and are facts and historical record.  The websites include: CBC, Radio-Canada and CBC/Radio-Canada
  • This website/blog is public record or history to show moral and ethical values of some.
  • The individual who purchased an Amateur Radio call-sign domain to LIBEL and over the repeaters to DEFAME,  SLANDER in an attempt to discredit a pure individual.
  • Who has published private details 
  • fill in the rest of the blanks here ..... 



CBC/Radio-Canada  - CBC, Radio-Canada and CBC/Radio-Canada

The Smoking Gun also identified William Marquis, a Toronto man, as a prominent  accomplice.

CBC News tried to contact both Malik and Marquis by visiting their homes. In both cases, no one answered the door.

In that February incident, two female employees at a KFC outlet were told by a caller posing as a head office representative to turn on the store's fire suppression system.

The system rained down chemicals on the employees, which the prank caller said was hazardous. The caller then successfully convinced the employees to head outside and strip naked in the freezing cold in order to minimize contact with the chemicals.


CBC/Radio-Canada  - CBC, Radio-Canada and CBC/Radio-Canada


Gmail account (axis.r9@gmail.com). On three occasions over the last six weeks, within minutes of Malik clicking a link (which recorded his IP address in Windsor), VE3KUU William MARQUIS  also looked at the story, resulting in his Scarborough IP  being memorialized on TSG's servers.


Marquis called the restaurant and said he was an "investigator" in a bid to get victims to recount how they were humiliated.



During an interview, Marquis, who told TSG that his "conscience is clear," lied about his criminal record and the extent of his involvement with Pranknet.


Marquis's most recent pranks involved follow-up calls placed in an effort to get victims to recount the damage caused by previous Pranknet hoaxes. He posed as an insurance adjuster in a call to a Waffle House where employees had been persuaded to set off the restaurant's fire suppression system.


Marquis said, "There is no relationship," adding that he had no contact with the Pranknet founder. He also denied giving Malik money or paying for Pranknet expenses like Skype accounts.


When confronted with this strange coincidence, Marquis could offer little beyond, "Hmmmm."

READ THE FULL HERE:    Start on page (1) one



On the repeater in Toronto, when some of us hear this individual making a Fool of others by deceiving, untruthful and lying to them on the repeater its just sad.


......  much more to follow.




 ********* search more - read more ( what s the word for this kind of person ???? )


much more to follow.


READ THE FULL HERE:    Start on page (1) one 


CBC, Radio-Canada and CBC/Radio-Canada


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