VE3KU Paul Briscoe - Technical Director - Toronto FM Communications Society (TFMCS)

The Toronto FM Communications Society (TFMCS) operates a system of linked amateur radio repeaters in the Greater Toronto Area of southern Ontario.

Board of Directors 2016-2017:
  • VE3HJL Henry Blais - Acting President  -
  • VE3KU Paul Briscoe - Technical Director  -
  • VE3KWI Anne Jones - Membership
  • VE3BGD Malcolm Kendall - Treasurer  -
  • VE3SST Neil Macklem  -
  • VE3ZXC Ray Chow - Secretary  -

You may email any of the directors using the address callsign at

Please demand someone to be accountable for the Toronto Abuses and not accept whining

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TFMCS ABUSIVE Amateur HAM Radio Club Toronto CANADA and Hatred

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