Paul Edward Briscoe VE3KU VE3GPB Poor HAM Club LEADERSHIP

Below is the typical "bitter trash", and petty toxic emails that typically comes from our belief of a disgraceful Amateur Radio Operator.The below is a shared email from leadership of TFMCS Amateur Radio Club in Toronto Ontario Canada Ashamed - as said "listening pleasure" Calling a ham a "BLACK idiot"remove Paul Edward Briscoe VE3KU VE3GPB from Toronto FM Communications Society and replace him. Ashamed of this Amateur Operator with the repeated disparaging abuses of other Operators.

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some of the club members in Toronto fm Communications Society Amateur Radio Club are spreading club hatred, contrary to ham radio we are coerced to alienating operators, within the club we are persuaded / counseled who to talk to and who not to talk to. In our tfm club everyone has anger and alienating ham operators
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"but datapoints for your reverse-listening pleasure."

Listen to his FAKE demeanor on the 444.4 repeater. the other repeaters he is banned from.


responsibility ::   REPAIR GUY AT TFMCS club


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responsibility :: REPAIR GUY AT TFMCS club (ve3twr repeater)
FROM :: Paul Edward Briscoe VE3KU VE3GPB (slanderous accusations)
VE3KU slanderous accusations
responsibility :: REPAIR GUY AT TFMCS club (ve3twr repeater)

Membership - Amateur Radio Club - TFMCS 444.4+

So it’s really interesting, it’s been quiet for a few days, and then on tonight’s 6:30 net we get jamming. It’s very strong in midtown. Something different tonight.

AUDIO from VE3TWR repeater.    ve3ku  -   "its a by-product"

Let me show you a correlation I’ve now made enough times to think it’s worth sharing. Guess who is back in town tonight? I guess he figures that without a DMR radio, no-one would associate the two things.

It’s our good buddy you’ll remember from the AGM, ******* slanderous accusations (name and call signs here) *********.

And his little follower buddy (VE3UBI) as well.   Haven’t seen name on the DMR list since the last big episode of QSO jamming. As I think everyone realizes already, this emperor indeed does not realize he has no clothes. QTH in Toronto.

Everything else aside, you have to wonder about anyone who’d jam a public service net. (slanderous accusations)

The individual VE3IPS is likely the one responsible for random insulting transmissions in a funny voice, and playing back various nonsense. That happening and then him popping up minutes later has happened a bunch of times. VE3IPS QTH King City (Maple)

Accredited Examiner John Leonardelli VE3IPS WAS PAID $200.00

All of this confidential to us, please, but datapoints for your reverse-listening pleasure
"BLACK NIGGER" is used on TFMCS repeaters !
listen here  - TFMCS Racist abuse HAM Radio repeater Toronto Canada

73 P
Paul Edward Briscoe VE3KU VE3GPB

responsibility :: TOOL GUY AT TFMCS club (ve3twr repeater)
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